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How many times can I re-use my aging barrel?

It all depends on your barrel fill and your flavour preferences. You might find a single barrel will produce 3 or 4 great batches of whisky, or even 8 batches of tequila.

Remember, the wood loses some of its impact with every batch. If you prefer a strong oak character every time, you might need to replace your barrel after just a few uses.

Can I use one barrel to age different types of spirits?

Wood is a porous material so your Urban Barrel will absorb flavours from every batch (this is known as “the Devil’s cut”). For example, when you age whisky in an oak barrel, some of its flavour will carry over to your next batch.

Whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, that’s up to you and your taste buds to decide.

You might prefer using separate oak barrels for each type of spirit. But we think one of the joys of barrel-aging at home is the ability to experiment with different flavour combinations to end up with something that’s all your own. Just keep in mind that no two batches are the same.

How do I clean my Urban Barrel?

Regular cleaning will reduce your barrel’s lifespan. Unless you’re switching to a completely different flavour profile for your next batch, just n rinse out your barrel until the water runs clear. After that, you’re ready to re-cure and start the aging process again.

How can I avoid stains on my barrel?

A well-cured barrel makes it easy to just wipe off any spills. But some liquor can stain the wood exterior—even a colourless high-proof spirit like vodka, which can leave a white discolouration.

Some stains may be removed by wiping the wood down with linseed or a wood-finishing oil, which will also restore the original shine.

For an additional cost, you can also add a varnish to some of our oak barrels to extend that pristine, “new wood” look.

How long does shipping take?

Each of our barrels are hand-crafted at the time of ordering. This ensures that you are receiving a fresh product. Please allow 5 days to craft your barrel and 10-12 for delivery.


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