Below is the terms of using our website, our return policy and our privacy policy.


If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase you may return it within 30 days of initial delivery and receive a complete refund. Please note original shipping charges as well as return shipping charges are not refunded.

Faulty barrels and/or parts that are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty will be replaced at no extra cost.

Barrels that have been used beyond the curing process, personalized or returned later than 30 days are non-refundable.

Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty

Barrels and/or parts will be replaced under the following circumstances:

– Barrel will not seal due to cracks or holes in the wood. Barrel must first be left to cure for at least five (5) days in order to determine if in fact it won’t seal;

– Spigot, bung or stand arrive broken or if spigot leaks when added to the barrel;

– Barrel hoops break during curing process;

– Engraving incorrect logo or name on the barrel, provided engraving instructions were properly submitted by the customer;

Conditions not covered under the manufacturer’s limited warranty:

– Barrels are not made to withstand pressure other than in normal use. If the barrel is filled with contents that build up pressure causing the barrel staves or head to bend, bulge or pop and result in leaks, it will not be covered under the manufacturer’s limited warranty.

– Barrels incorrectly stored without water for long periods of time, causing the oak to dry and shrink and/or the hoops to fall off and/or leaks that cannot be sealed.

To process a replacement barrel under the manufacturer’s limited warranty, we require you to email us a picture of the issue at info@urbanbarrel.ca


Laser Engraving and Barrel Quality

Engraving is done using a laser machine but the actual engraving look and feel may vary from barrel to barrel because of changes in the oak wood surface between barrels. Some engravings may appear darker or lighter even if the same laser settings were used.

The area available to engrave is determined by the size of the barrel and by the space needed by the spigot. The engraving is done in the area above the spigot as to avoid the engraving being covered by the spigot.

Please note that engraving will be sized to fit the barrel size and the smaller the barrel the harder it will be to see detailed logos or long phrases.

Only if requested by the customer we will send proof of engraving before shipping or if we have doubt on the resulting engraving. On all other cases no proof will be emailed.

Curing Process

Before using the barrel, you should cure the barrel. Your oak aging barrel is made of wood and stored empty so your barrel may need to swell back up before use.

  • Start by rinsing out your barrel three to four times to get any wood debris out.
  • Now insert the spigot on the front of the barrel and tighten by hand to secure the spigot.
  • Then fill your barrel full of hot water keeping it full until any leaking ceases. This may take as little as one minute or as long as one week