Whisky Tastings

Scotch can make excellent pairing with meals. A helpful hint: serve your single malt neat with the lightest splash of spring water. Toning down the alcohol in this manner allows the Scotch’s aromatic complexities to shine through and makes it easier to achieve a food and Scotch balance. Creamy, mature cheeses and cream dishes are rich enough to balance the alcohol. Smoky flavors in the Scotch add another dimension to the richness and flavour of salmon. Red meats, especially the gamy ones, with coffee-chocolate sauce make great partners with Scotch, as the dark, rich espresso and chocolate flavours match with similar flavours in the drink.



Base the selection of whiskies on one of these themes:

For a single malt tasting, select one from each of the five whisky producing regions of Scotland — The Highlands (Speyside and Orkney), Lowlands, Skye and Islay.

For a vertical tasting, sample different expressions (ex. ages) of the same brand.

Or keep it simple and choose whiskies from a singular region — Speyside, Islay, etc.

Whisky Tastings

Select a date and time.

Select a location.

Finalize the guest count.

Select region(s) to concentrate on. (Highlands, Speyside and Orkney, Lowlands, Skye or Islay).

Select number of scotches for the event. (Sticking to between 4 and 6 is recommended as this will allow for a proper palate appreciation).

Have Urban Barchef arrange a great sharing platter for pairing.


There is no such thing as a bad whisky. Some whiskies just happen to be better than others.
— William Faulkner