Barrel-Aged Cocktail RecipesBarrel-Aged Negroni Recipe

October 1, 2019by Urban Barrel3
Barrel Aged Negroni Recipe

Barrel-Aged Negroni Recipe

  • 33 oz Bulldog Gin
  • 33 oz Campari
  • 33 oz Cinzano

Age 3-4 weeks in a 3L barrel and sample along the way to see how it changes, then empty the barrel into a decanter.

Stir once you pour it from the barrel.

Add an orange zest to taste.

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Kevin MacDonald
Kevin MacDonald
10 months ago

Can the Negroni be left in the barrel longer than 3 weeks? For example, if you make. 5 litre batch to have ready by June, can it be left in the barrel and drank over the course of the summer?

Thanks. Kevin

Jeffrey Roberts
Jeffrey Roberts
9 months ago


With a 5 litre Negroni your sweet spot is going to be around 80 to 90 days! When your using Campari in a barrel it takes much longer to over oak, so what I recommend is after 60 days start tasting every second week until you get to your desired preference.

Cheers and Happy Aging,

Dara Potvin
Dara Potvin
4 months ago

Can’t wait to use one of my 1L barrels to perfectly age myself this negroni recipe 🙂

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