DistillersDistillery of the Week – May 30, 2018

May 20, 2018by Urban Barrel9

Welcome to our blog! Each month our goal is going to be to talk a little about some of our favourite distilleries. From some history to what’s happening at the distillery we hope you enjoy learning some more about the places that are making your favourite spirits. Let us know what distilleries you would like see on our blog, email us at info@urbanbarrel.ca or write us on Facebook!

Distillery of the Week

June 21, 2018

North of 7


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Bill Kruse
Bill Kruse
1 year ago

Received a one litre barrel for Christmasfrom my daughter. Put Alberta premium in it. Six weeks later, WoW can’t begin to tell you how smooth with great character. Will be purchasing a 5 litre barrel very soon. How many runs can one expect out of a barrel? I assume that each fill will take a little longer to mature/age. Would that be an accurate assumption. Have you any recommendations for my next batch. Crown, Forty Creek……I’m listening! Thanks for the great product.

Bill Kruse
Bill Kruse
1 year ago

Alberta premium, 6-8 weeks ?, 1 litre keg. Will buy 5 litre and blend a couple of popular brands maybe 1 40 creek 1 crown and 1 Alberta premium. However I’m totally interested in recommendations. Do you have any?

1 year ago

For your secondary cure would you rotate the barrel a couple of times?

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