Kombucha & Hot Sauce Barrels5L Kombucha Barrel

$167.00 CAD

We believe some things just naturally taste better when they’re brewed and aged in oak barrels. And that includes kombucha.

Our 5 L Kombucha Barrels are perfect for brewing large batches.

Just like our craft and premium spirit barrels, these kombucha barrels are made from all natural American white oak. Each one features an inside char that gradually softens your fermented brew by imparting a delicate smoky taste with pleasing hints of vanilla.

 Unlike our craft and premium spirit barrels, these kombucha oak barrels are made to sit upright and have galvanized steel hoops to provide maximum rust resistance.

Trust the custom-sized cork lid to seal in all those complex flavours of your home-brewed batch. And once it’s ready, pour yourself a glass or begin the bottling process by using the wooden spigot conveniently located near the bottom of the barrel.

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BOGOWHEEL 2 - 3 Get 50% discount in 1 quantity of cheapest item
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BOGOWHEEL 6 - 7 Get 50% discount in 3 quantity of cheapest item


Add engraved text to the side of the barrel, just above the spigot. Please note: Due to limited space, engraving is limited to one word only.

Additional information

Weight 2.99 kg
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 7 in