Used and Decorative BarrelsUsed Rye Barrel

$275.00 CAD

American Oak one fill Rye barrels from Virginia. In the crowded world of “High Ryes” on the market, Reservoir Distillery offers the highest with a 100% rye mash bill. Sourced from just outside Richmond’s city limits, their rye provides an intense, sharply spiced profile that is not too sweet. These are prime barrels for aging beer, wine, cider and other spirits or beverages.

Nose: Honey and crème brulee, rye spice and yeast,some orange peel/citrus tones
Palate: Sweet notes of dark chocolate, anise, spicy with pepper
Finish: Resolves into a dry finish leaving cola and molasses on the tongue, classic rye shortstop

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Weight 20.4 kg
Dimensions 13 × 15 × 21 in