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Your cocktail list is an important part of your menu. Whether debuting a new concept or reinvigorating an existing one, menus tend to fail either because of inconsistencies from bartender to bartender or the craft cocktails being too labour intensive.
  • Cocktail menu development and design (your very own version)
  • Cocktail recipes using seasonal and local ingredients from your kitchen
  • Crafted cocktails with quality spirits, whether local and international
  • Better control your inventory levels with easy standardized recipes
Our experienced cocktail engineers will train your staff on producing quality cocktails, maintaining a professional bar and walk them through the menu in great detail.
We train staff not only to better understand different beverage categories, but also how to pair food with an appropriate beverage. We will work with your reps and our connections to help you acquire sponsorship and kickbacks to customize our learning packets and make new information fun and interactive.


There is no such thing as a bad whisky. Some whiskies just happen to be better than others.
— William Faulkner
Base the selection of whiskies on one of these themes:
  • For a single malt tasting, select one from each of the five whisky producing regions of Scotland — The Highlands (Speyside and Orkney), Lowlands, Skye and Islay.
  • For a vertical tasting, sample different expressions (ex. ages) of the same brand.
  • Or keep it simple and choose whiskies from a singular region — Speyside, Islay, etc.
  • Select a date and time.
  • Select a location.
  • Finalize the guest count.
  • Select region(s) to concentrate on. (Highlands, Speyside and Orkney, Lowlands, Skye or Islay).
  • Select number of scotches for the event. (Sticking to between 4 and 6 is recommended as this will allow for a proper palate appreciation).
  • Have Urban Barchef arrange a great sharing platter for pairing.

Want us at your event?

We'd be happy to help!

When you hire us for your event, we’ll bring along some of our famous barrel-aged whisky and cocktails that have made us the talk of the town. Your guests will love interacting with us—we’ll keep them engaged and teach them a few tricks along the way. Just let us know where you’d like us to set up!

Our booking fee includes a gift from us to you: two Urban Barrels customized with your event or company logo. Raffle them off or include them in a silent auction, they’re yours to keep or give.

Pricing varies depending on the number of people attending your event (that way, we’ll be sure to prep enough to go around).

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    Hunter's Public House

    Urban Barchef has a flair for the cocktail, from classic to cutting edge. His guidance was instrumental in the bar program at Hunter’s Public House and his designs for the initial cocktail menu were innovative and creative. Jeffrey was able to inspire and enlighten the bar staff during training and his expert knowledge of ingredients, tools and techniques was easily passed from him to our staff. Working with Jeffrey was a key element in the success of the Hunter’s cocktail program and would we recommend his services to both new and existing establishments.

    Charles MacInnis