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October 19, 2020by Urban Barrel1

Watch My 6 Service Dogs and Urban Barrel Company team up to raise money for service/therapy dog training for Military Members and Veterans

If the novel coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything about ourselves as a society over the last seven months, it is that our greatest successes are realized when we work together as a team to achieve a common goal. From taking the proper health precautions to do our part in flattening the curve or pooling resources to support those in need, there is no denying that we always work best as a community.

That is exactly why, as a proud year-round supporter of Watch My 6 Service Dogs out of Petawawa, Urban Barrel is doing a bit more to give back to the community through our products this month. With the help of our consumer community, Urban Barrel has pledged to donate $10 from every purchase — double its regular monthly contribution — to support Watch My 6 Service Dogs until Nov. 12.

“This month we wanted to do more,” said Jeffrey Roberts, Urban Barrel Company founder and owner. “We hope to raise enough money so they can continue to provide their amazing services to those who fought and continue to fight for Canadians.”

Since the pandemic touched down in March of this year, Watch My 6, like many other not-for-profit organizations, was forced to make big changes in the way they conduct business. Many fundraisers were put on hold and, as a result, programs and support were significantly limited throughout the greater national capital region for much of this year. This is something that Watch My 6 co-founder (and proud companion to Max the therapy dog) Jill McLellan says has been hitting the military community particularly hard.

“Like many other non-profits, COVID-19 forced us to cancel a majority of our fundraisers,” said McLellan. “We’re hoping to make up for some of those losses so we can continue our programs and proceed to change lives in a positive way and provide support for military members and veterans.”

By advocating for the rights and roles of service dogs and, by extension, for the mental and physical health of the military members and veterans they support, Watch My 6 makes their biggest impact in the community by raising awareness through fundraisers and providing training sessions and education for group members to better prepare their furry therapists for the Canadian Association of Service Dog Trainers certification. The program — which has so far certified 20 dogs and has another 30 enrolled — helps to make the certification process both accessible and affordable. Sadly, without the adequate funding and social community events to promote their goal, Watch My 6 would be unable to continue to provide their invaluable services to those who need them most.

When you make a purchase from Urban Barrel over the course of the next month, not only will you be getting the beautifully crafted aging barrel or equipment you ordered, but also the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have made a positive impact in the community; and that is truly something to be proud of.





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F.V. Simpson
F.V. Simpson
6 months ago

A very worthy cause!

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